• Shergan Active Travel Brochure 2024 Active Travel Brochure
  • Shergan School Zone Pencil Bollards - Mixed Colour
  • Shergan School Zone Pencil Bollard - Base Plate
  • Shergan Torpedo Bollard Elegant and strong. Irelands #1 Bollard
  • Shergan Stainless Steel Bollards Provides a quality sleek aesthetic
  • Shergan Bicycle Repair Stand Repair on the go. The best stand to get you going again
  • Shergan Bell Bollard Tried & tested solution available to highways engineers and contractors.
  • Pencil Bollard Shergan School Zone Pencil Bollard - The Original & best, Designed to protect Children
  • Scooterpods SRTS School Parking
  • Shergan Solar Bench Shergan Green Innovations
  • Shergan Gatekeeper The Shergan RhinoGuard GateKeeper® range provides temporary protection measures for a number of app
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation HVM
  • Outdoor Dining
    Pop Up Parklets Outdoor Dining
  • Safe Routes to School SRTS Green Schools
  • Shergan Solar Bench Shergan Green Innovations
  • Pencil Bollards School Zone
  • Cyclepod University Bike Parking
  • Shergan Streetpod Sold Secure Diamond standard, the highest level of bicycle security
  • Shergan Pencil Bollard Shergan School Zone Pencil Bollard
Shergan Torpedo

Torpedo Bollard

Ideally suited for demanding city environments, weather resistant black exterior means that the bollard will not rust or corrode, thus
minimising any ongoing maintenance costs. This high-performance Bollard is built to withstand the pressures of
busy urban spaces. It is also a suitable choice for coastal regions, and heavily trafficked urban areas.

SRTS Pencil Bollard

Shergan SRTS Pencil Bollard

The Original & Best SRTS Pencil Bollard. Designed to protect Children from Vehicles.Shergan School Zone Ferrocast® Bollard is the ideal option for providing a clear and effective School zone

Bicycle Repair Stand

Shergan Bicycle Repair Stand

The Shergan Bicycle Repairstand is ideal for carrying out basic repairs such as repairing a puncture to adjusting brakes and gears. The tools are
securely attached to the stand with PVC coated stainless steel cables and tamper-proof fasteners. Hanging the
bike from the arms allows the pedals and wheels to spinfreely whilst making
adjustments. It is ideal for train stations, universities and even the high street!

innovation integrity design

Berlin Cushion Road Safety

Shergan Berlin Cushion

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Raised Crossing Road Safety

Shergan Raised Crossing

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Speed Bump Road Safety

Shergan Speed Bump

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enhancing urban experience

Shergan Fluted Bollard

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Shergan Atlas Retention Socket is a secure foundation system that makes it easy to remove and replace a column without excavation

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Shergan Bell Bollard

PROVEN to last for over 25 years
SAVES LIVES by actively keeping vehicles away from pedestrians.
SAVES MONEY long term savings on replacement street furniture and building repairs.
UNIQUE DESIGN up to 360° deflection of vehicles with minimal risk of vehicle damage

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