Shergan Active Travel Brochure 2024

From segregation solutions, traffic bollards and traffic calming systems to cycle stands and storage, Shergan Traffic Solutions can help to transform towns and cities into safe environments for people to enjoy. Many cycling-related developments, such as cycle lane segregation, junction modifications and road quality improvements bring benefits to the longevity of a scheme and also create conditions which can promote a reduction inroad casualties and air and noise pollution.

Shergan Torpedo Bollard

Shergan Two-Tier Bicycle Rack

The Easylift Premium is the latest generation of our two-tier bicycle parking systems. This bicycle parking system is excellent value for money and is the best, most beautiful and most efficient two-tier bicycle rack on the market

Shergan Atlas Retention Socket

The Shergan Atlas Socket Range is a secure foundation system that makes it easy to remove and replace a column without excavation. It is designed to firmly secure a column within the ground, while also allowing the column to be replaced when needed. The ease and speed with which the Atlas allows columns to be replaced drastically reduces maintenance andkeeps traffic flowing

Shergan Bell Bollard

The unique Bell shape serves to deflect vehicle wheels should they mount the kerbside - the foundation of the Bell remains firmly in place and structurally undamaged - offering protection to pavements, buildings and pedestrians. Manufactured from hard-wearing cast iron lasting over 25 years, the Bell bollard never goes out of fashion.

Shergan - Gatekeeper - HVM

The Shergan RhinoGuard GateKeeperĀ® range provides temporary protection measures for a
number of applications such as outdoor dining and hospitality,

Pop Up Parklets

Outdoor dining

Social Seating and Planters

A city for people.... Imagine....

Shergan - Enhancing Cities For The People 

Stainless Steel Bollards

Secure Bike Parking

Sold Secure Diamond standard, the highest level of bicycle security

Shergan Solar Bench

Shergan Green Innovations 

Shergan Scooterpod

School Scooter Parking

Shergan - Transforming Bike Storage

Bike Storage Options

Pencil Bollard Safety Bollards