Shergan Torpedo Bollard

Shergan Two-Tier Bicycle Rack

The Easylift Premium is the latest generation of our two-tier bicycle parking systems. This bicycle parking system is excellent value for money and is the best, most beautiful and most efficient two-tier bicycle rack on the market

Shergan - Gatekeeper - HVM

The Shergan RhinoGuard GateKeeperĀ® range provides temporary protection measures for a
number of applications such as outdoor dining and hospitality,

Pop Up Parklets

Outdoor dining

Social Seating and Planters

A city for people.... Imagine....

Shergan - Enhancing Cities For The People 

Stainless Steel Bollards

Secure Bike Parking

Sold Secure Diamond standard, the highest level of bicycle security

Shergan Solar Bench

Shergan Green Innovations 

Shergan Scooterpod

School Scooter Parking

Shergan - Transforming Bike Storage

Bike Storage Options

Pencil Bollard Safety Bollards